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The end is nigh! The fifth and final issue of the Bunisher is now online.

The stakes are raised: read Issue 4 of the Bunisher here now!

Issue 3 of the Bunisher is now online! The plot thickens here...

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The second chapter of The Bunisher is now online. See the mystery unfold here!

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Issue 1 of The Bunisher is online now. Read the first chapter of the epic here !!!

The Bunisher is coming!!!

The mini-comix are now online, including the instant classic 'Predator vs Columbo'! You can read all the strips and download printable versions from here...

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To read issue 1, click here!

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The first issue of the Bunisher story was produced in my last few months at Edinburgh University from February to May 2000. The terraced tennement style architecture of the city very heavily influenced the buildings in the strip, although the story is not specifically set in Edinburgh, or any particular city for that matter (even though the picture above would suggest the location is Manhattan!)

This debut issue was reviewed in Comics International, which was a huge motivational boost for me to continue the series. The review ran as follows:

"Beginning a series with a 28-page, almost wordless fight scene is a daring move - and [Gordon] Johnston succeeds in making me wish to read on and find out what this is all about! Perhaps too much fine line cross hatching is used, weakening the art rather than adding depth to it, but it's well paced and attractive enough. (MK) 5/10 "

To read issue 1, click here!


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