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To read issue 2, click here!

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The second issue of the Bunisher story was drawn and produced in the latter half of the year 2000. For me, it has always been a slightly ham-strung issue, largely due to it's disjointed production. In between completing page 12 and starting page 13, I took a few months off of drawing, graduated from university, spent several weeks back-packing round Europe, moved 400 miles from Edinburgh to Reading to start my first full-time job, and got my first taste of disposable income and proper financial independence. I would hope that this rapid period of personal growth meant that the later stages of the issue were quite an improvement over the start, and that the issues to follow were even better yet.

The plot of the second issue was largely as originally written, although I did manage to shoe-horn in a cameo from my old Physics tutor, Professor Pawley, as Detective Elliot's doddering superior, Chief Inspector Stuart. The main influence behind the final act in this issue was from a poem I read in my English class around first or second year of high school. I don't recall the title or the author, but I remember the subject was a young girl in a white dress, being chased by mysterious antagonists through a deserted park. By the end of the poem, the girl was caught, attacked, and discarded "like a soiled glove". In my young mind, this abuse of innocence was unforgivable, and I encorporated the scenario into my own tale, where my hero could ensure that all wrongs be righted, and all victims have a protector.

To read issue 2, click here!


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