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Issue 3 of the Bunisher is now online! The plot thickens here...

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To read issue 3, click here!

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Issue 3 was produced in the first half of 2001, and is I think where the series really hits it's stride. You might notice that the ghoulish Courtaut bears quite a resemblance to the spectral Reverand Kane from Poltergeist II. I don't rate that movie especially highly, although that villain did give me the willies as a child.

The top-notch frontispiece for this issue was produced by small-press creator David Baillie. You can check out loads more of his work here, and read his real life adventures on his blog! At the time it was first published, issue 3 had a review printed in Comics International, which went as follows:

"A rebellious detective tangles with a black ops group and a mysterious occultist when he tries to solve a mysterious slaughter. Gordon Johnston enlivens a straightforward horror set-up with enough unexpected twists and deft touches of characterisation to keep it fresh and engaging. (MK) 6/10"

To read issue 3, click here!


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