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It's the Year of the Rabbit! Celebrations begin here.

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The end is nigh! The fifth and final issue of the Bunisher is now online.

The stakes are raised: read Issue 4 of the Bunisher here now!

Issue 3 of the Bunisher is now online! The plot thickens here...

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The second chapter of The Bunisher is now online. See the mystery unfold here!

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Issue 1 of The Bunisher is online now. Read the first chapter of the epic here !!!

The Bunisher is coming!!!

The mini-comix are now online, including the instant classic 'Predator vs Columbo'! You can read all the strips and download printable versions from here...

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3rd February 2011 was Chinese New Year, and it's the Year of the Rabbit! It's been about 10 years now since I produced the original Bunisher comics, and I'm hoping to spend the next year putting together a new story which will revisit the surviving characters.

To kick the year off; the Virginia Gallery proudly presents a short story of the Bunisher, that was produced around 2004 for a Glasgow based small press anthology called Deep Fried.

To read the short, click here!


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