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Welcome to the Virginia Gallery

I'm Gordon Johnston, and this is my website. Amongst it's folders and files you'll find a collection of comic book stories that I have produced; tales which hopefully will be unlike anything else out there. You'll see that they vary from one-off political thrillers to multi-chapter urban fantasies. What's more though, you're going to find a bevy of extra features, which will form production diaries of the strips shown here.

It's my intention to try and update the site every 8 - 10 weeks (at least to start with), so keep an eye on the headlines column on the right to see what's new.

If you enjoy what you find here, would like paper copies of any of the comics, or would like to get in touch for any reason, please send me an email at bigangryrabbit@yahoo.co.uk, or click the link at the bottom of the page. And most importantly, tell everyone you know; visitors are always welcome at the Virginia Gallery!


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