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The end is nigh! The fifth and final issue of the Bunisher is now online.

The stakes are raised: read Issue 4 of the Bunisher here now!

Issue 3 of the Bunisher is now online! The plot thickens here...

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Issue 1 of The Bunisher is online now. Read the first chapter of the epic here !!!

The Bunisher is coming!!!

The mini-comix are now online, including the instant classic 'Predator vs Columbo'! You can read all the strips and download printable versions from here...

The site's only just started, have a look around, but make sure and check out the TwoDays comic here...

Best film in the world? Without a doubt Remo: Unarmed and Dangerous.

A criminally overlooked US action movie from 1985. Without getting into plot specifics, it's based on a marathon franchise of thriller novels known as 'The Destroyer', and this origin tale comes across as a blend of Karate Kid and Death Wish, with a spot of Michael Moore anti-establishment activism mixed in. Helming the flick was British director Guy Hamilton, who practically invented the template of the James Bond movies throughout the 60's and 70's. The score was aces too; an orchestral/synth slice of unabashed cheesy action anthems cut with sweeping oriental lyricism. You can hear extracts from the soundtrack CD by Craig Safan streamed on this Remo fansite here. The movie has never been available on Region 2 DVD, although I heartily recommend catching the movie on TV next time it's on, or hunting down the Region 1 DVD in the meantime.

Now that my critical credentials have been established, please feel free to check out some of my other recommendations from the links below.


So, I seem to be reading a lot of comics right now. An unhealthy amount, you might say; it's probably all going to end in tragedy, like some depressing John Steinbeck book. Before that happens, make sure to check out my recommendations here for some of my favourite comics, trades and graphic novels which are currently on the shop shelves.


I don't read nearly as many small-press comics as I used to; but where I do find ones worth hollering about, I post links to them here.


I've been compelled to dig into my comics archives every now and then; these are the comics that I've encountered over the last 20 years; some of which have influenced me strongly, some not so much. The Monologues is the story of me trying to make some kind of sense of it all.

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