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It's the Year of the Rabbit! Celebrations begin here.

A little bit of TFTF.

The end is nigh! The fifth and final issue of the Bunisher is now online.

The stakes are raised: read Issue 4 of the Bunisher here now!

Issue 3 of the Bunisher is now online! The plot thickens here...

What are the Virginia Monologues? Click here to find out!

The second chapter of The Bunisher is now online. See the mystery unfold here!

The trailers section is now open. Go here for an exciting audiovisual glimpse of the comics on this site!

Issue 1 of The Bunisher is online now. Read the first chapter of the epic here !!!

The Bunisher is coming!!!

The mini-comix are now online, including the instant classic 'Predator vs Columbo'! You can read all the strips and download printable versions from here...

The site's only just started, have a look around, but make sure and check out the TwoDays comic here...

A cautionary political thriller in 45 pages, by Gordon Johnston and Jack.

About TwoDays:

"There's elements of the Illuminatus Trilogy here, and Fight Club, the Firm etc... All in all a cracking first issue..." Robin Etherington; Blink Twice Studios

"It's the pattern that Alfred Hitchcock based a career, given an edgy update with contemporary cultural references and a "Train-spotters" aesthetic." Darren Schroeder; Silver Bullet Comic Books

"thought it was mighty cool, its like a big budget american action film but in a small comic!" Kelly and James; Kitty Cat fanzine

"I read TwoDays on my way back from Oxford and thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the story... Very Hitchcockian." David Baillie

"Just finished reading your magazine "Two Days", and really enjoyed it... I guess it was the mixture of topical content, and location (loved seeing all the edinburgh buildings)" John Lyons

"...I really loved Two Days. The presentation of your work was excellent and the interior work was well scripted and superbly illustrated." Adam Dechanel; Clockwork comics

"I did read your comic and it's really really good, man... It's moody but stylised." Andrew Waugh

"I bought the first issue of 'Two days' from a comic shop in Manchester back in September... I find it absorbing and very much suited to my current beliefs ... i'm glad your comic addresses this with no holds barred..." Nav




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