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Globalisation; it's the inevitable outcome of a civilisation under explosive development. Or so some would have us believe. Some would tell us that this monstrous circle of expansion and consumption has been inevitable since the time our chimpanzee ancestors first climbed out of the trees 1 million years ago. It was only a short skip and a jump from cave paintings on the wall to the latest 10 storie high IMAX extravaganza, or from the stone wheel to the state of the art People Carrier with inbuilt air-con, play-station and zero percent credit.

So a life of bloated excess is our reward for hundreds of previous generations living in the dark? I don't think that's what my ancestors had in mind when they died face down in the mud, hundreds of miles from their loved ones.

The horrors of war are now commonplace, politically, religiously and commercially. And yet a desensitised public is unaware of the most covert of struggles, a conflict with the highest stakes that is taking place right under their noses, between two clandestine globe-spanning agencies. The outcome of this secret war will shape the very future of our society. Although, like all conflicts, it is now spinning out of control, gorging upon itself and twisting righteous causes into a horrific maelstrom. I learned the hard way that no-one is going to escape this untouched, that no person is infallible. This war has raged for 50 years...

I'm going to finish it in 2 days.

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